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Hello Dear Bandcampers!

Welcome to my page! I am a composer, making contemporary piano music (mostly; sometimes there is the odd experiment with electronica ’n’ stuff!). I have just released (on 12.12.18) my second full length album 'Solo Piano Two', which is available here on Bandcamp! The making of this album was supported in part by my Bandcamp Subscribers, since I have had the Subscription part of Bandcamp active since November 2017!

My intention is to use Bandcamp to share works in progress in fuller versions that I am able to do on social media, early recordings that can be enjoyed now and more of an in-depth insight in to the making of my next piece of recorded and mastered music. As part of the Subscription, you can also download as a digital version any of my back-catalogue of music that is available on Bandcamp and you will also get the digital version of any future musical releases I make, as long as you remain a Subscriber.

I am aware that the people who are likely to Subscribe to me on Bandcamp are perhaps some of the same people who have already purchased my music, both here and in other places... this feels unfair, to effectively ask you to pay again for some of what you already may to resolve this concern, I have set the price for the Subscription at £7.95 which will be about the price of the digital release of my next studio recording (which as a Subscriber, you will automatically get as part of your Subscription).

As a Subscriber, you will also get a 10% discount on physical merchandise, including Vinyl and CDs!

Please do Subscribe and be part of the journey!

Much love,

Alice xx

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